Raspberry Pi Fox Hunt Controller



Build a foxhunt controller that interfaces to a Baofeng UV5R to monitor reception and send out messages at programmed intervals after receiving a signal.

This is a simple project for the PI.  It uses one output and one input.  The input monitors the speaker output of the Baofeng UV5R.  This radio has a 3.6V offset voltage when the squelch opens.  This is sufficient to activate a opto-isolator to trigger the receive input on the PI.  An output from the PI triggers the radio transmit through another opto-isolator.  Audio from the PI is passed to the UV5R on the mic plug.

Items Used

  • Raspberry PI 2
  • GPIO Board and Bread Board
  • Additional Bread Board
  • Baofeng UV5R
  • Mike and speaker cable for the UV5R
  • Headphone plug for the PI
  • 2 – 4N37 Opto couplers
  • 3 – 1000 ohm resistors
  • 1 – 1000uF capacitor
  • Jumpers

Wiring Diagram


Circuit diagram


UV5R mic and speaker plug

YouTube Video

Python Code

Python Program

This is a text file.  It must be renamed with a “.pyw” extension.